The Box to Laughter Pipeline: The Ultimate Guide to Gifting a Prank Gift Box

So you want to be a prankster? Or you already are a prankster and want to up your prank game? Or you want to add a dose of levity to the otherwise stale tradition of gift-giving to generate lasting memories in a world devoid of ironic detachment? Or something like that.

Welcome to Prank-O’s definitive guide on how to gift a prank gift box, or rather, the first day of the rest of your prankster life. We hope you enjoy your stay.

What is a prank gift box?

A prank gift box is a gift box of the prank variety. Too vague? It’s an empty cardboard box with a fake product printed on it. But, like, a funny fake product. Like a holster to hold donuts on your hip, or a cat bed you wear on your head. But here’s the catch – the fake product is, well, fake! It’s not real! It’s all a LIE! But, like, a funny lie.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to put these bad boys into action:

1. Choose the right box

Ask yourself, who are you gifting this box to? What is their connection to you? Are they your spouse, your college roommate, your mortal enemy twice removed? Then ask yourself, what’s their deal? Like what’s their whole thing? Are they into fishing? Because Prank-O’s got boxes for that. Are they a new parent? Do they have a gross sense of humor? Are they a new parent with a gross sense of humor (*cough* Birthie Stick *cough*). Find the box the captures your recipient's personality.

2. Add REAL gift to said box

As funny as it is to gift someone an empty cardboard box, they may feel a bit shortchanged. Consider your REAL gift the punchline to your joke. It’s the moment your friend or relative realizes that they have in fact been pranked by the best (you). Simply insert their sweater or golf balls or James Joyce novel inside the prank gift box.

3. Wrap it up

Okay, so you’ve got your real gift, you’ve got your fake product packaging, now what? Sure, you can just fork it over, but then they’ll see the joke coming from a mile away. Since we clearly love clunky metaphors, consider the wrapping paper to be the warm up act for your prank. You know, the comedian the headliner brings out first that’s funny but not as funny as them to build anticipation for the main event (them). Your prank gift box is the main event! Fake out your recipient by handing them a traditional-seeming wrapped box only to unwrap it and find it’s a spinning wheel that wipes their nether regions or a helium dog poop bag that floats off into the sky.

4. Laugh it up!

You’ve done your part. Now hand the wrapped gift to your recipient and delight in the ensuing laughter. Got em!

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