Welcome to the Prank-O Blog 'Laughing Matters'

Hello humor enthusiasts, laughter enthusiasts, joy enthusiasts & enthusiasm enthusiasts.

We’re the first, second, and third most excited we’ve ever been to introduce you to LAUGHING MATTERS - Prank-O’s new blog. Think of this like a portal into the world of Prank-O. Like that one in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, but instead of transporting you to dumb old Narnia, you’ll be transported to our not-dumb, not-old company headquarters in beautiful Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Each entry, we’ll share some behind the scenes tidbits of our company, new product releases, and all things comedy.

Close your eyes and imagine a wide open field. Actually, don’t do that because then you won’t be able to keep reading. With your eyes open, imagine a wide open field full of endless possibilities. You could fill it with taco trucks, border collies, an understated side table. Or, you could fill it with us!

And that’s what our new blog LAUGHING MATTERS is all about. We’re here to fill your imaginary brain field with a detailed (and funny) inside look at the Prank-O brand, the people who make it possible, and new exciting things we’ve got cooking up.

Some of you may know us for our Prank Gift Boxes. But here at Prank-O, we're not just a bunch of robotic arms on an assembly line making boxes (no offense to any robotic arms reading this). We're all about comedy. We make funny people funnier, and equip them with the tools they need to elevate their hijinks.

We truly believe that laughter is the best gift one can give or receive and our philosophy is simple - life is better when it's filled with joy and shared humor. And fried food, but you already knew that.

With this blog, we hope to empower you to bring more much-needed comedy into the world, transforming the stale and obligatory nature of gift-giving into a fun experience for all.

Tune in next time to LAUGHING MATTERS, where we’ll be introducing you to the founders of Prank-O, Ryan Walther and Arik Nordby, sharing their comedic beginnings at The Onion, and how it influenced them to start a comedic gift company.

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1 comment

  • I’ve been waiting for something like this from you guys forever! Not this exactly, but something like it!
    I DO have a question. What does it take for an average (yet hysterically funny) person like me to be on your team? Ha! Ha!
    I’ve used the Prank-O boxes for years! The best one was the baby water feeder that I gave to a cousin & wife at their baby shower. The couple thought it was the real thing! They looked at each other confused … said thank you … and put it aside! I had to tell them to go back to it and open the box.
    I wish I had the video but it got lost with my Phone 5.
    Keep up the funny business! Forever a grateful customer!


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