Behind the Scenes of Prank-O's 4 New Prank Gift Boxes

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make one of our world famous Prank Gift Boxes? Have you never wondered that but are still curious nonetheless? Contrary to what you might read on the internet, our Prank-O creatives still ideate and concept the old fashioned way — with a pencil, paper, and a spark of creativity. And jerky, but that’s more of an indulgence than anything else.

Journey with us through conception of Prank-O’s 4 new prank gift boxes, which, if you haven’t heard, are available now on and Amazon.


Cat Hat Prank Sketch: The ‘Cat Hat’ was ideated as a solution for cat parents with elusive felines that don’t like to snuggle with their owners. Thus, this mock-up was born depicting a cap that tightly secures to an owner’s head so their cat(s) can rest on a soft perch above their noggin. It was during this phase that the ‘corrugated shin panels’ add-on was conceived, as well as the original name ‘Hat for the Cat.’ Other names that were floated during the design process include the Dr. Seuss riff ‘Cat on the Hat’ and the play on words ‘Kitty-Hat.’

Cat Hat Final Box: Which brings us to our final design for what would ultimately be named the ‘Cat Hat.’ In addition to the front cover image imagined in the original mock-up, a back panel was added with a line of cats waiting for their turn to sit atop their owners head as she knits. Side panels advertise additional products like the bell and feather ‘Ear Teasers’ and a line of tuna-scented bath products to lure your cat to you. All in all, the ‘Cat Hat’ box is a guaranteed laugh for your feline-obsessed friends or relatives!


Happy Critter Hot Tub Sketch: The ‘Happy Critter Hot Tub’ box started out as a play on traditional backyard squirrel feeders that offered a more relaxing experience for bushy-tailed critters. In this mock-up, the product was drawn up as a 12-inch attachment to tree limbs with three squirrels seen taking a load off in a jacuzzi. While brainstorming a new title for this one, it was decided to open up the hot tub up to ALL woodland critters (besides prairie dogs, who’re not welcome in this hot tub).

Happy Critter Hot Tub Final Box: And that’s where the name ‘Happy Critter Hot Tub’ was born. Other feature callouts added to the cover include the jacuzzi’s ergonomic seating and a tasting corn log for the critters to feast on during their spa day. On the back, we get to know more about Welter’s, the fictional company behind the hot tub that also offers trampoline and toilet feeders. If you’re looking to bring a nature lover to hysterics, look no further than this gift box!

Pet Tail Extensions Sketch: The ‘Pet Tail Extensions’ were imagined as a pet-friendly version of human hair extensions, just with elongated tails sourced from real animal fur. The wheels really started turning with this mock-up, which illustrates a Beagle sporting a 3-foot long German Shepherd tail via a “soft compress tube.” Other ideas explored in this sketch include a celebrity endorsement satirizing the pet pamper culture in Hollywood, as well as a way to use the longer tail as a leash.



Pet Tail Extensions Final Box: The celebrity gag didn’t make the final 'Pet Tail Extensions' box, but the front and back show a cat and dog joyfully wearing their extended tails, with the leash joke featured on a side panel. Other details highlighted on the box includes the 40 different breed colors the company offers, as well as an innovative sleeve that accentuates your pet’s tail wag movements. Gift it to a pet parent who likes to show off their four-legged fashionista!


Fire Chief Sketch: The vision for ‘Fire Chief’ was to depict the kind of board game you’d see marketed towards families, just with a lot more fire. This mock-up shows the hazardous game in action, with a nuclear family of four gathered around in matching firefighter hats to extinguish the blazing board in front of them. What you see? First pumping, clapping, smiling. What you don’t see? Stopping, dropping, rolling.

Fire Chief Final Box: In the final 'Fire Chief' box, the cover offers a little more insight into the game, like it’s intended demographic of anyone aged 4 and up, and a miniature fire extinguisher that’s included (sorry, hats sold separately). On the back, we get a glimpse into the rules , which mostly revolves around a HOT ZONE timer that sets the board ablaze when it runs out. We recommend this one for any parent who values a good old-fashioned family game night!

Check out the newest styles and some of our classic box styles on both and and shop early for the holiday season!

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  • Do u still have the earwax box?

    Judy Clark

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