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Prank Flyers / Print a free prank flyer to post at the office or on a light pole.

Download one of our prank flyers and leave it at a coffee shop, in an office kitchen, on a streetlight pole, or anywhere that needs a little added fun.

Meme master Alan Wagner’s unsettling milk bath posters hilariously convinced many people that was a real thing, but the strange poster was just a taste of Wagner’s quirky sensibilities. The good folks at have rounded up more of his printed fodder to peruse.


Sure, most lost and found signs come from a place of kindness, but these aren’t most lost and found signs. Each of these funny flyers are worth taking a moment to read every word of and enjoy. This is honestly the most I’ve read since my freshman year of college and I need a nap because of it, but it was totally worth it.


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