Our prank packs start viral pandemics.

The good kind. Prank Packs are proven to provide some serious clickage when featured in a post. We love building partnerships with brands, influencers, and journalists. Our practical jokes and prank boxes are great for gift guides, product features, or even impactful social posts. If you’re interested in highlighting them, shoot us a message and we’ll get you what you need.


Send us a detailed request of which products you need images for [including image size, resolution] and we’ll evaluate your submission.

Use both! Our brand is Prank-O and our gift boxes are called Prank Packs.

Nothing in life is ever free, but if you let us know what you’ll be using them for we can coordinate getting boxes to you. Just send us a message with your pitch.

Our main objective is to build meaningful relationships with other content creators. Depending on your rate, audience and what you create, we will consider partnering with you. Send us a message with your media kit, your pitch, and rates. We will evaluate your proposal and get back to you if it’s a good fit.

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