Honoring the best in April Fools’ Day pranks

Chosen annually by Prank-O, the world’s preeminent maker of novelty gift boxes, the FOOLY Awards recognize outstanding achievement in mischief making on tomfoolery’s most hallowed day.

Best Use of Corporate Jargon 


Those who talk the most often have the least to say, but that doesn't keep them from achieving their dreams. What's their secret? Jargon. As @hiltinorthamerica proves, a steady stream of technical terms will make you believe anything. 

Best Use of Slingshot


What is it about ballistic devices that puts a smile on your face? Sure, there are other ways to launch projectiles, but none deliver as much joy as a catapult or a giant slingshot. @moosejawmadness has taken dead aim at our pleasure centers.

Prank of the Year


In the past, we we're promised flying cars in the future. Well, it's the future now, and we've got nothing. We're willing to give science a pass on that failure @lego can make this innovation a reality.

Best Thing We'd Probably Eat Even Though It's a Joke

Jimmy John's

While it's true that this concoction from @jimmyjohns looks disgusting, it doesn't seem so gross that we wouldn't at least try on a dare after a Prank-O happy hour that somehow stretches to last call.

Best Prank from an Unexpected Source

Cleveland Ochestra

There are a few things you expect from members of an orchestra. Like their lunch money, for example. But a prank about finding dinosaur bones on the grounds of their summer home? Nope. Not that. Bravo, @cleveorch.

Best Use of Subtraction


Bigger isn't always better. Rather than announcing some offbeat collab or creating a gratuitous faux gut bomb, dominos_au went lo-fi, turning back the clock to the Epipalaeolithic period for a simple yet nourishing idea.

Best Manipulation of Label

Sailor Jerry

What do you call it when a brand removes a fetching hula girl from its iconic logo and replaces it with a monkey showing its butt? We call it courage. Not like run-into-a-burning-building courage, of course, but still, bravo, @sailorjerry.

Best Bathroom Humor


When you decide to incorporate the toilet in your jokes, you are headed into a dangerous area. But @dulingo managed to come out smelling like a rose. Who knew the high road ran through the bathroom?

Best Use of Books


You may know them as those things people talking on TV have on the shelves behind them. They're also called books. And, until now, they were difficult to write. @reedsy_hq  has changed all that.

Best Miniaturization

Adult Swim

If history has taught us anything, it's that we love seeing baby versions of beloved television characters. You'd think @adultswim would be one entity that couldn't pull it off though. Well, you thought wrong.

Best Use of Folklore


You know those people who say they go to the movies to watch the trailers? Yeah, they're idiots. They can see them at home for free. But if you're stuck sitting through a trailer waiting for the feature to start, hope that it's half as good as this one from @blumhouse.

Favorite Title


Once in a great while, an expression like "self-jiggling bag" enters your life. After quickly scanning the room for children and the easily offended, you lean in anxiously expecting something dirty, but then learn it's referring to tea. Oh, well. You've got a nice jumping off point for something weird, @liptonaus.

Best Incorporation of Leg Day


If you've any spent any time around somebody with muscles, you've surely heard them mention leg day. Apparently carries some significance. Ask somebody at @monoprice. Maybe somebody on their staff has performed an exercise before.