Solving Coronavirus

Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads mainly from person-to-person interactions, terriers and certain types of licorice. While not inhaling is an important first step, scientists and lab technicians have determined that increasing the distance between people and avoiding skin-to-skin interactions are key to curtailing its spread. 

Luckily, several new apparatuses have come to market that are both affordable and user-friendly. Products like Handy Hand, Rotowipe, Hot Lips Face Heater, NapSack, Yourinal, Baby Shield, Pet Petter and Auto Sauna are innovations that are ready for the challenges of coronavirus, ebola, both swine, bird flu and shingles.

• Minimize Contact
• Don't Rely On Toilet Paper
• Kill Germs At Facial Orifices
• Shroud Yourself In Public
• Avoid Public Restrooms
• Don't Touch Babies
• Practice Self-Isolation
• Don't Touch Pets

Minimize Contact

Avoid unnecessary skin contact! Handy Hand features food-grade silicone, articulating digits and an impressive 8" handle.

Eliminate Toilet Paper

Unfortunately hoarding grocery supplies is commonplace. With Rotowipe, you can eliminate the need for toilet paper altogether!

Kill germs at facial orifices

The most common viral entry point is the mouth, nose and eyes. Protect these open areas with 132˚ bursts of heat.

Shroud yourself in public

If you're going to go out, at least stay in. The NapSack features thick, non-porous material and a handy exhaust fan.

Avoid public restrooms

There is no riper breeding ground for bacteria and/or viral contagions than a public bathroom. Yourinal keeps you out and about!

Don't touch babies

Protect yourself from your baby while you protect him/her from your germs. Baby Shield has lab-quality gloves and a 2ml window.

Stop touching pets

Out of all the things in your home, your pets are the dirtiest. Use Pet Petter to continue delivering attention while you keep clean.

Practice Self Isolation

Staying in your car during a pandemic with warm, soothing steam is one of the safest (and most soothing) things you can do.


Our 12,000 piece puzzle provides DAYS of entertainment during quarantine time.


Deal out the colored team bandages and dive into a fun night of scavenging for the hay!

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