Looking for a unique gift for the pet, baby, outdoor, gadget, kitchen, gaming enthusiast? With over 60 styles to date, our inventors and spokespeople solve the problems no one else dares to. (Hint: The inventions aren’t real. They are pranks. We sell prank gift boxes.)

Emma Dean

Multi media mogul, Emma Dean, is an American television personality, author, celebrity craft maker and businesswoman. She hosts the syndicated, talk/lifestyle program Emma, and craft series (Dandruff vs. Glitter, Where’s My Garden, and It Came From You). Dean also wrote the craft book Knitting with Hair. Look for “Emma’s Gift Nook” kiosks this holiday season, featuring her personally designed line of Ear Wax Candles and 100% Human Hair Wall Hangings. Follow Emma on Facebook today.


Francois, please insert Mr. Vigneault's business description here. Do not make it public until it is proofed and approved by Louise, Manon, Jules, and Bastien.

Todd Lawson

Pet lover and noted animal trainer Todd Lawson pioneered the famous “Arm’s Length” teaching method in 2001. Since then he’s written the wildly popular animal behavior books Use Your Inside Bark, Happier in A Cage and Long Leash, Long Life. Follow Todd at Facebook and keep apprised of great pet shampooing coupons and handy household tops. Pick up all his inventions, Petspressions Pet Paint Kit, the Pet Petter, Pet VR, Pet Butler and the Pet Sweep today.


Doug put copy here. Don't mention the lawsuits on the Hot Lips heating element or the NapSack fan converted. THESE MUST STAY INTERNAL!!! -Debby

Cy Hennington

It’s exciting when Cy screams, “MOVE THAT TARP!” on his hit show Extreme Pantry Makeover, but not as exciting as his industry-changing products – like the Connect-A-Cord™ Extension Cord System – it lets you assemble the perfect length power cord every time with 50 one foot sections! Want free home improvement tips? Follow him on Facebook today!


Kindex was started by Jeff and Janice Cumberland in 1982 after their triplet Jan, Janice and Janette were born. To this day, they are the world's leading provider of products to make parenthood easier - some say effortless!

Barry Del Greco

In 2006, Barry Del Greco took his last five hundred dollars from an injury settlement, his love of feet and started Barry Del Greco’s Mobile Foot Rub. Just call Barry and he’ll show up wherever you are. Step into is comfortable trailer and treat yourself to a foot rub suitable for a queen and/or king!


Whak-O prides themselves in taking on project deemed to "creative" by industry mainstays, Hasbro, Fisher Price and Mattel.

Tom Buttons

A mainstay on the professional fishing circuit until his now infamous bobber accident in the Ozarks, Tom Buttons pioneered many methods still used by anglers across the country. Nowadays, Tom invents outdoor products that address convenience, efficacy and sloth. Pick up his FishEye today, it’s the fish-mountable camera that lets fish do your fishing!

Henri Rémoulade

In 2011, Henri Rémoulade set out to rebuild the American kitchen, first with the Motorized Rolling Pin and most recently his “Best in Class” Turn & Churn Travel Ice Cream Maker and USB Powered Pocket Wok and Dream Griddle We trust you’ll find that all of Henri’s products capture the spirit of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and the vivacity of old Languedoc-Roussillon! Merci beaucoup!

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