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Prank Postcards

We teamed up with Awkward Family Photos to create 35 wildly funny prank postcards that you never knew you needed.

Confuse and amuse your friends and family with these absurd-yet-realistic advertisements, announcements, and holiday cards. There’s a postcard for almost any occasion, from baby showers to retirement parties, that will make your loved ones scratch their head before exploding with laughter. Though the scenarios are fake, the photos are absolutely real—straight from the Awkward Family Photos stockpile. Just add a stamp to send them, display them proudly in your home, or sneak them onto someone’s wall for a guaranteed grin. These prank postcards are so ridiculous they’re hilarious.


Free shipping on U.S. orders over $10

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A 74 page book featuring 35 ridiculously amusing tear-out postcards.


Measures 8.5 x 4″


Paper. Pretty much made from paper.


Made in the USA!


Tear out and drop in the mail or post on a wall!


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